The Perfect 65-Degree-Day Jacket

Digital Fashion Writer

I get that it gives outfits this nonchalant vibe and that it's a good way to prepare for unpredictable weather, but I'm actually a bit ambivalent about the whole layering thing. Sometimes you just want to throw a good jacket over a t-shirt and go, you know? Without the challenge of arranging five different pieces on your torso in a way that works. Just one jacket, one under-layer, and walk out the door.

With that in mind, this year I'll be investing in a series of fall jackets perfect for facing any weather forecast, sans layering. 65 degrees, you say? I'll reach for a jacket like the ones above: a slightly sporty, canvas utility jacket (or army jacket, or field jacket, whatever you want to call it). It'll buffer me from wind and give me a bit of warmth, but if it gets super-sunny and I start to feel like maybe I could face the world without it, it's also roll-up-in-my-bag-able, which silk blazers and leather moto jackets are not. (You see? Not all "light fall jackets" are created equal.) Different ones are better suited to different forecasts, and this style seems to have "pleasant and mid-60s temperatures" written all over it. . Above, click through to shop the best options I've found, and next time you check the weather report before getting dressed (there's a good chunk of us who do that, no?) you'll know exactly what to reach for. (I particularly like it in a navy instead of the ubiquitous army green, since I think it reads a bit more sophisticated—but maybe that's just me.)


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