Five Easy Ways To Accessorize Like a Street Style Star

Stack Your Bracelets

Ever since The Man Repeller, née Leandra Medine, coined (and trademarked!) the term "arm party " in 2011, the bracelet pile has been sartorially smart editors, bloggers and models' go-way method of making a good outfit better. For inspiration on getting it right, I suggest starting with the original arm party host herself, whose bangle stacks are some of the best out there. Click through to shop the look now.

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Digital Writer

Street style photographers stop two kinds of ladies for pictures during fashion month. The first, predictably, is the woman wearing an exact copy of a current-season runway look. The allure is obvious: after months of exclusively existing within the fantastical confines advertising campaigns and magazine editorials, the clothing is impossible to resist in an everyday situation. Still, while seeing a regular girl wearing Prada's gingham coat with its matching leather belt and double buckle platforms is fun to look at, it's doesn't say much about her personal style. Anyone can get that look if they have enough money.

What's way more interesting is the second variety of street style star that emerges between fashion shows: the master accessorizer. Dressed in the same Prada coat, she'll style it in a way that's entirely her own; perhaps by switching out the belt for something vintage, or opting for dainty flats instead of chunky heels. Sometimes she won't be wearing any designer pieces at all, but it'll look like she is due to the canny addition of a statement bangle or extra-special hat. The secret to her effortless ensembles comes down to the five tips in the slideshow above, all of which make a head-turning impact for very little effort (and often, money). Click through to step up your street style game for the four fashion weeks that lay ahead.


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