Flashback: Our Editors Recount Their All-Time Favorite Fashion Shows

Eva Chen, editor-in-chief

"My favorite fashion show of all time was Marc Jacobs Spring 2006. There was a marching band that played "Smells Like Teen Spirit"--that was my favorite song from my moody adolescence. And Sasha Pivovarova was wearing a dress that I knew I wanted to wear at my wedding. This was before I was engaged so that might've been a little bit crazy thinking, but that Marc Jacobs show I think perfectly embodied his personality, his quirky spirit and his talent at always creating a major fashion moment--confetti rained down, marching band, wedding dress, it was a confluence of many exciting things."

Fairchild Archive

Contributing Digital Editor

We always get nostalgic when fashion week begins. There's a lot of excitement around seeing what's new, and we're ever hopeful to find things that we'll remember season after season. What does it take to make that mark? Well, it's different for everybody—so we asked them. Click above for a play-by-play of our editors' favorite fashion shows from seasons past. Spoiler alert: there's a lot of Marc Jacobs up in there.


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