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Eva Chen, editor-in-chief
"My favorite fashion show of all time was Marc Jacobs Spring 2006. There was a marching band that played "Smells Like Teen Spirit"--that was my favorite song from my moody adolescence. And Sasha Pivovarova was wearing a dress that I knew I wanted to wear at my wedding. This was before I was engaged so that might've been a little bit crazy thinking, but that Marc Jacobs show I think perfectly embodied his personality, his quirky spirit and his talent at always creating a major fashion moment--confetti rained down, marching band, wedding dress, it was a confluence of many exciting things."
John Jannuzzi, contributing digital editor
"I didn't even go to the Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 show, but I remember cursing my computer, hoping the internet wouldn't give out. I was hunched over in my bed/desk/couch and watched the whole thing in my underwear. The set design, the music, the clothes and the vibe were all perfect--especially after a few seasons of economic freak outs."
Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"As a die-hard Olivier Theyskens fan, I believe that nothing can ever top his Fall 2007 ready-to-wear collection for Nina Ricci—his first at the helm of the French label. From the color palette (soft shades of grey, snowy whites and inky blacks punctuated by shots of chartreuse) to the impeccable beauty look (models had delicate feather strands woven into their hair that fluttered as they walked) to the set design (bare trees and plenty of moody mist), the whole show was absolutely breathtaking. The spiraling, strapless evening gowns—a tribute to Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps perfume bottle—could've easily been marketed as couture. I only wish I could have been there in person to witness the show firsthand!"
Lisa Goldstein, fashion market assistant
"Phillip Lim FW13. Not only is he one of my favorites, there was not one thing that walked down the runway that I didn't want! Every look was better than the one before!"
Noelle Sciacca, associate market editor
"Jeremy Scott's Fall 2013 show is one that sticks out in my mind. Imagine attending a party where Rainbow Bright, Bart Simpson, and the My Little Ponies are your hosts and all of their cool friends decide to have a walk off. That was the Jeremy Scott show. The crowd of attendees were just as colorful and exciting as the looks coming down the runway—and that's saying a lot, especially when the finale piece was a dress made of rainbow hued hair! If you ever need to be reminded that fashion should be fun, just flip through these looks!"
Alexis Bryan Morgan, executive fashion director
"Without a doubt Dries van Noten S/S 2005. It was totally magical and utterly unforgettable. The evening started off with most people feeling a little annoyed that we had to trek out to a warehouse on the outskirts of Paris on a cold night for a show. (OK, fine, we were all in town cars. But still!) We walked into a vast, dark, empty space with a cement floor. The only two things that made us aware that we had not come to the wrong place was a wall of red velvet curtains, and the handsome young men handing us champagne. Eventually the curtains opened and there was a dining room table long enough to seat about 500 people. Only a grand piano, where a man in a tux was playing Chopin, and the dining table, were lit. Above the table hung beautiful and sparkling venetian chandeliers. After we were seated, 250 waiters emerged single file on either side of the table, each carrying two plates. Once they were all lined up behind us, they set down the plates in unison. Everyone gasped a little by the show of impressive choreography. Dinner was delicious and the only thing that was bothering me was that the table seemed to be a little wide, making conversation with the person seated across from me challenging. But after the plates were taken away, the glorious chandeliers rose up and a beautiful girl dressed all in white emerged at the far side of the room and walked towards the table… It was not only a table, it was also a catwalk! The girls passed in front of us, walking in a serene, otherworldly sort of way, like they always do at the Dries shows, and each look seemed even more beautiful than the last. After the show was over, trays descended from the ceiling carrying a compilation book of his collections. Inside there was a polaroid of the chandelier underneath which each of us had been sitting. It was just awesome."
Jean Godfrey-June, beauty editor
"There was a Marc Jacobs show 1,000 years ago at the Puck building; the clothes were perfectly schoolgirl without being too cute—lots of slate
blue—and the hair was long and shiny, maybe with the thinnest bit pulled
back, the makeup natural...just so relaxed and pretty. The music was
Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve and it was just this moment for me. I was like, fashion is more unimaginably beautiful than even I expected!"
Natalie Matthews, digital fashion writer
"Marc Jacobs last season, partly because it was my first time at a Marc Jacobs show and that felt like a BIG DEAL, but also because the collection was pajama-inspired and I can always get behind that. From time to time I'll suck it up and do the Barbie walk in a constricting pencil skirt or strap my blistered feet into high heels, but most of the time I want my fancy stuff to be comfortable too. Hence how I'll justify buying one of the gold lamé nightshirt-looking dresses as a "practical" purchase, should it ever go (deeply) on sale."
Alison Syrett, digital fashion writer
"After a while, most fashion shows and presentations tend to blur together in my mind. But the moment Miuccia Prada sent her retro-racecar collection down the runway remains a crystal clear memory. For the first time in years, it was the first time I felt excited about pastels; before then the shade seemed so prissy and passe. Even through I was only livestreaming it, I got chills because I knew it was going to have a huge impact on the way people dress. Several seasons later I still spend a lot of spare time searching for leftover pieces from that collection on eBay. Let me know if you find any!"
Anne Keane, fashion director
"My favorite fashion show ever: Alexander McQueen, Autumn/Winter 2006, the one where Kate Moss was floating in a hologram. It was heart-stopping and gorgeous!!"