Flashback: Our Editors Recount Their All-Time Favorite Fashion Shows

John Jannuzzi, contributing digital editor

"I didn't even go to the Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 show, but I remember cursing my computer, hoping the internet wouldn't give out. I was hunched over in my bed/desk/couch and watched the whole thing in my underwear. The set design, the music, the clothes and the vibe were all perfect--especially after a few seasons of economic freak outs."

Fairchild Archive

Contributing Digital Editor

We always get nostalgic when fashion week begins. There's a lot of excitement around seeing what's new, and we're ever hopeful to find things that we'll remember season after season. What does it take to make that mark? Well, it's different for everybody—so we asked them. Click above for a play-by-play of our editors' favorite fashion shows from seasons past. Spoiler alert: there's a lot of Marc Jacobs up in there.


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