The 14 Best Bags of NYFW Spring 2014

Opening Ceremony

That daring color balances the practical shape.

Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Digital Writer

Because there's just so much to take in at a NYFW show or presentation, I'll often overlook whatever satchel, backpack, clutch or tote accompanies each outfit. Not that it's the handbag's fault, really—I'm just so immediately taken with the "OMG!" wow factor of its matching ensemble that my brain can't focus on the details. Instead, I'd rather just sit back and soak in the overall effect.

It's not until later, while revisiting each look online, that I'll begin to realize my favorite pieces were actually hanging off and tucked under the models' arms the whole time. That's how I feel about the 14 carryalls in the slideshow above, all culled from the Spring 2014 collections shown in New York last week. Yes, I missed each one in the first go-round, but that doesn't make any of them less unforgettable. Click through to get obsessed with me.


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