Five Style Statements Straight Out Of Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman's Printed Hoodies and Tees

Yo! Is there any more fervent fan of the crazily-patterned sweatshirt than Jesse? I think not. In the series' earlier episodes, everyone's favorite foul-mouthed drug-dealer-turned-meth-cook constantly looked as though he'd stepped straight out of Ed Hardy's e-commerce site. He's since ditched the skull tees, striped beanies and dizzying hoodies in favor of more somber attire—but you've got to give the guy snaps for his daring experimentation with clashing colors. (Also, for being one of the only characters on the series with some semblance of a soul.)

Courtesy of AMC

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WARNING: This story and slideshow contain spoilers! If you're not up to speed on Breaking Bad, read at your own risk!

This Sunday night, beloved TV drama Breaking Bad will finally end its five-season-long run. As we head into that final 75-minute episode, we've got tons of lingering questions: Will Walt survive? More importantly, will Jesse? Will that creepster Todd finally get what's coming for him? Will Marie start stealing things again? And most of all, what on Earth is going to be worth DVR'ing once this show bids us farewell?!

So as I sit at my desk in a fit of anxious anticipation, I thought I'd take a look at some of the most notable style statements from the show's time on the air. From Jesse's insane collection of printed hoodies to Marie's all-purple-all-the-time wardrobe, click through for tons of Breaking Bad fashion goodness (er, badness). And of course, I've also rounded up several ways for you to get each look for yourself—because while Walter White might be the one who knocks, I'm the one who shops.


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