The Craziest Shoes of New York Fashion Week

Alexander Wang

The Barbie pump just got some serious swagger, thanks to super, super-exaggerated proportions.

Kyle Ericksen/Conde Nast Digital Studio

Digital Fashion Writer

From the street style to the front-row celebs to the actual clothes bounding down the runway, New York Fashion Week is a seven-day monsoon of focal points. There's just so much to take in—is that Nolan from Revenge in section H? Did Marc Jacobs just make Bermuda shorts and fancy Tevas a thing?—that it's great and bad, because it's easy for your eyes to glaze over things they'd usually catch.

Like the shoes on this season's runways. If you haven't properly ogled them yet, you should, because whether they're crazy-pretty or crazy-crazy (in a good way), they deserve way more than a moment of your half-assed attention. Above, click through to study (or just drool over?) some of most hold-the-phone-amazing shoes of fashion week, from Prabal Gurung's webby, wrapped stilettos to the The Blonds' tinsel-covered boots.


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