The Best Fall Coats For Your Body Type


Look for a coat that breaks up your long frame via colorblocking or an interesting detail at the waist.

Digital Fashion Writer

Look, I get it: a coat is not a bandage dress. I too will buy one based on its style without any regard for what wrapping my body in it does for my figure (right now, I'm into cocoon coats). Still, just because it's not clingy or skimpy or body-con doesn't mean that a coat can't change the way your body looks. Sometimes it's as obvious as the cut (is it waist-cinching?) and sometimes it's as subtle as the size of the lapel or the placement of the buttons, but either way, a coat's shape, print and details do pack definite visual effects. 

I mean, I woldn't get too vain about it; there are enough "how do I look in this?" skimpy dresses and skinny jeans and crop tops in the world as it is. And I'll probably still buy a giant cocoon coat even though I'm six feet tall and might look like the abominable snowman. But does that mean I can't also look for a coat that I know follows certain figure-flattering tenets, like ones of these in the slideshow above? No. Absolutely not. In fact, I'd recommend it, and this fall, I'll being doing both.


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