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Look for a coat that breaks up your long frame via colorblocking or an interesting detail at the waist.
You don't want something that's belted at the waist if you're apple-shaped and not actually much narrower there. Instead, create the illusion of a more nipped-in waist with a belt-like detail on the coat at left, or buttons that taper in towards the midsection, which are super-slimming.
Well, sure, the pink color of the coat at right help ladylike things up a bit. But really what you need to look for are frame-softening details like scallopping and ruffles, or strategic colorblocking and wide lapels that mimic an hourglass shape.
Maternity wear just keeps getting better and better looking, so you're in luck. Of course, if you're not into a softer drape coat like the one at left, you can still pick something more structured—just make sure it's got an empire waist or a cape silhouette so you'll still be comfy and have plenty of room to grow.
If you're trying to tone down a big bust, you'll actually want to avoid belted coats. They fittedness will just highlight a large chest. Instead, pick unbelted coats with smaller lapels or quieter hardware that won't draw too much attention to your chest. Or go for a distraction like a fur hood, that keeps eyes up around your face, or patch pockets that draw the eye down.
There are tons of great plus-size options out there right now, but our favorite ones might be those wide wider openings at the neck (all better for highlighting your neck and collarbones, which are usually one of the most slimming, flattering areas on a woman) and vertical slit pockets instead of horizonatal ones or patch pockets, which can have a hip-widening effect.
Pick something streamlined and solid-colored to nail the optical illusiion of being long and columnar. Or go for something like this ombrĂ© coat at right: it'll draw attention up to your face, and the bracelet-length sleeves will make your limbs look  longer than they are.
Much wider at the hips and thighs than you are in your torso? Distract people with toggles or a statement lapel, like this shearling coat has, drawing the eye up to your face. Or pick a coat like this colorblocked one, which is strategically slimming especially on the bottom,