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1. The Sporty-Sexy Combo
If you're wearing a slinky, femme fatale dress during the day, you've got to balance it with a structured, slightly oversized knit. While there are plenty of ways to mix color here, go with navy and black when in doubt. It always works.
2. The Matching Metallic Combo
Throw a long silvery sweater over your disco ball dress and it'll look like you're wearing the most adorable drop-waist one-piece. I picture Diane Kruger wearing this—with a newsboy cap and ankle strap pumps, of course.
3. The Angela Chase Combo
C'mon, you didn't think I'd write a '90s-inspired trend story without referencing the best angsty Nirvana-era teen ever, right? Seriously, though, isn't this something she'd wear with Docs and a flannel tied around her waist? (But the rest of us should do it with Chelsea boots and a sleek silver choker instead.)
4. The Completely Crimson Combo
Because all-red outfits are another runway look I've been seeing a lot, this a great way to get ahead on two trends at once. To go for three, wear it with pointy-toe flats!
5. The Refined Grunge Combo
Sure, you could throw an oversize cardigan over this à la Saint Laurent, but I think a slightly cropped pullover is the better choice. By turning a dress into a pencil skirt, it makes the look more grown-up and—with the right shoes (I suggest dainty kitten heels)—office-appropriate.