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With a little pre-planning and smart shopping, it's totally possible to get dressed and be on your way in just five minutes. Click through to learn how!
TSA-Friendly Footwear
You may not be passing through a metal detector on your way out the door, but when it comes to picking your footwear on rushed mornings, look for TSA: Time-Saving Accessories. Skip the knot-prone laces and tricky buckles in favor of styles that slip on in seconds. (Lucky for us, smoking loafers and sleek flats are big news for fall!) For extra credit, pick a printed pair that'll have all eyes on your feet—and not on the rest of your hastily-assembled outfit.
Pick a Pouch
If you're the type who likes to rotate her handbags—and what Lucky lady isn't?—keeping your day-to-day essentials (lip color, Altoids, wallet, iPhone) in a cool pouch can shave valuable minutes off your morning routine. Pick a cool patterned iteration, and the pouch can double as a clutch when it's time to head to your after-work drinks date!
Jackets: Don't Underestimate 'Em
Nothing—but noooothing—pulls an outfit together in an instant like an amazing jacket, be it a sharp-shouldered blazer, sharp tweed number or leather moto. You can honestly get away with wearing the exact same outfit for two days straight if you simply add your go-to statement topper on day two. And I should know—I've done it. Multiple times.
Red Lipstick
At New York Fashion Week, we spotted several girls in (honestly) not-that-great outfits being shot for street style blogs—and no, they weren't famous editors or celebs. So what caught the photogs' attention? All of those ladies were wearing bold lipstick. Seriously, the stuff makes an outfit—and takes about five seconds to swipe on.
Dry Shampoo
We probably don't have to tell you this, but unless you're the type who works out first thing every a.m. (in which case—show us your ways, please?), it's far more time-efficient to shower at night. For mornings when your hair could use a little lift, turn to dry shampoo: every beauty editor's holy grail product, whether or not they choose to admit it. Just spritz, fluff, comb through and style as you wish.
Try Outfit Journaling
Allow me to let you in on a little industry secret: most (though not all) editors plan out their ensembles in advance, particularly during busy work periods (ahem, fashion week). Personally, I like to keep a running list of outfit ideas in the Notes section of my phone, but a tiny notebook (oh man, do we love tiny notebooks!) works just as well. Most often, these possible clothing combos will strike when you're (of course) not in the midst of actually getting dressed—they more often pop up when you're showering, subway-ing or browsing fashion blogs—so it helps to have a little journal of looks ready to go for those mornings when you can't be bothered to match skirts, tops and shoes.