Get Dressed And Out The Door In Five Minutes Flat—Here's How!

TSA-Friendly Footwear

You may not be passing through a metal detector on your way out the door, but when it comes to picking your footwear on rushed mornings, look for TSA: Time-Saving Accessories. Skip the knot-prone laces and tricky buckles in favor of styles that slip on in seconds. (Lucky for us, smoking loafers and sleek flats are big news for fall!) For extra credit, pick a printed pair that'll have all eyes on your feet—and not on the rest of your hastily-assembled outfit.

Senior Digital Editor

The morning might carry connotations of fresh starts and new beginnings—but more often than not, it actually amounts to crazy amounts of stress as you rush to get ready and on your way to work in as little time as possible. Slept-through alarms, too many snooze button hits, stylist's block (like writer's block, but for putting outfits together): trust us, we've been there, too. But worry not: we've put together a quick and easy guide to getting dressed and looking presentable in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee. Click through above for our tried-and-true tips!


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