11 Clever Jeans-Based Outfits to Copy Now

Got ripped denim? Add mirrored shades to amp us the badass factor. Click through to shop her look.

Lucky Community member Margo Royle

Digital Fashion Writer

There are certain street style stars we glue our eyes to because they're sort of like very, very chic clowns pulling magic tricks out of of a bag. Furry stilettos, latex pencil skirts, neoprene galaxy-printed sweatshirts: they've lobbed it all our way.

But then there are the girls we can't keep our eyes off because they do just the opposite, dialing it down in a more simple fashion. They're fabulous, too, and they all seem to have one thing in common; their best, most trusted outfit ammo is jeans. Not patchwork, metallic, half-leather ass chaps jeans, but regular old blue jeans. They'll swing from wide leg to skinny to distressed to boyfriend styles, but they're still just jeans.

It's a default move we love, not only because jeans tinge each outfit with a certain nonchalance, but also (shamelessly selfishly) because they make each outfit more copy-able. I mean, sure, sometimes we stalk street style just to ogle all the pretty clothing and cool accessories and drop the ball there, but most of the time we want outfit inspiration to actually act on. 

That's the best part of these top notch jeans-based outfits above, culled from street style stars, celebs and our very own Community members. Whether they read casual-cool or skew a little more dressy, they're each relatively easy to mimic, because unless you've somehow made it through life without a good pair of denim (and if so, how?!) you've already got half the outfit sitting in your closet. Click through to see them all, knowing you can easily paint-by-numbers them yourself, either with one of the new finds above or a piece already in your wardrobe.


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