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Pretty Statement Necklaces
Add it to a simple t-shirt and jeans and you'll look all Olivia Palermo-y fannnncy.
Cap Toe Pumps
Shiny, pastel and with the sweetest little mary-jane strap.
Sweater Dresses
Be completely comfy in a cozy fabric and non-fussy shape, but still look unquestionaby feminine. It's a win-win.
Tulle Skirts
Oh, so you're going to a party or wedding where you'll be dancing? Wear this. You'll have more fun.
Embellished Flats
They may be flats, but they're more elegant than pretty much every pair of heels I own.
Full Dresses
A good option for those who want their ultra-feminine looks in muted, darker colors.
They're a requisite.
Lace Booties
Yep, it exists: cold weather footwear that's nothing short of exquisite.
Cat Eye Sunglasses
Lots of sunglasses are unisex, but not these. From the cat eye shape to the pretty coffee color, they're bombshell-y, pair-me-with-a-pencil-skirt all the way.
Peplum Skirts
For faking that hourglass figure without any corsetry or even Spanx.
Tweed Jackets
Anything that gives off a Coco Chanel-y vibe definitely needs to be on this list.
Drop Earrings
Kate Middleton wears ones like these, and isn't that the ultimate test of ladylike-ness?
Taffeta Dresses
The sort of full, spinny, shoulder-baring dress your prom-dress-hunting, high schooler self would've killed for.
Bow Accesssories
It could make even the most shapeless potato sack dress look feminine.
Pastel Coats
This one's a wish-list-only piece, of course, but it's just so, so fun to look at.
Seam Stockings
They're just more vampy, femme fatale-y than regular black stockings, you know?
Sweet Studs
Basically a cheat sheet to feminizing any outfit.
Top Handle Bags
The more structured the shape, the better.
Tie-Neck Tops
Softer and prettier than the usual silk button-down.
Oversize clutches have a cool factor, but these have a dainty and glossy feel we swoon for, too. (Just make sure you find one big enough to stash your phone. Beyond that, keep it small.)
Pencil Skirts
And it's floral. Boom.