Happy Birthday, Michelle Williams! Let's Celebrate Her Awesome Accessory Game

Embellished sandals this pretty can up the fancy factor on any dress, even something you feel kinda ho-hum about. That's a great power. Click through to shop the look.

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Digital Fashion Writer

Michelle Williams is one of those red carpet fixtures who always looks good, but not always in the most striking way. She's a subtler, quieter brand of stylish, neither black-lipstick-deviant like Rooney Mara or feathers-and-sequins-diva-ish like Beyoncé. Instead, she foregoes the "look at me!" gimmicks in favor of pretty, real-life-relatable clothes, then adds intrigue with her accessories. It's a dash of "ooh! that's interesting," rather than an overdose, and it's a strategy we love. So in honor of Michelle's thirty-third birthday—today!—we've rounded up some of her accessory game's high notes, from the perfect Panama hat to complement a weekend sundress to the quirky book-shaped clutches that make her otherwise classic outfits stand out on the red carpet. Click through above to see them all, and shop similar, currently available options, of course.


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