Miley Cyrus' Terry Richardson-Directed 'Wrecking Ball' Video Is Slightly NSFW, Shockingly Twerk-Free

Senior Digital Editor

Following the news that a certain scandalous VMA performance may have lost Miley Cyrus her December Vogue cover, the singer has dropped the new music video for her emotional single "Wrecking Ball." Coincidentally (or perhaps not at all), the clip is directed by controversial fashion photog Terry Richardson, and features Cyrus weeping, licking a sledgehammer and swinging to and fro on—what else?—a giant wrecking ball. (For both her sake and ours, we hope both construction apparatuses were cleaning before and after filming.)

Regardless of the clip's provocative content—and there sure is a lot of it—we do have to give the singer snaps for her so-on-trend cotton crop top, perfectly opaque white nail polish and Docs. They're pretty much all she actually wears in the vid, but they sure are cool. Watch "Wrecking Ball" below, and let us know what you think of Miley's latest!


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