17 Pairs Of Mules For When Your Clogs Feel Too Casual

Show off you fall pedi without getting cold feet.

Digital Writer

With resumés that both read open-backed, lace-less and quick to slide on, mules and clogs sound exactly the same on paper. Side by side, though, mules have a certain je ne sais quoi that clogs do not; there's just something about them that feels more refined.

Because it's slightly pointy and narrow, a mule will make your outfit more elegant in a way that its chunky, round-toe cousin can't. Oh, so '70s-style clogs feel too bulky for your favorite A-line skirt? Switch them out for mules. What's that, you're starting to think that a clog-and-maxi-dress combo looks like a '60s-era flashback? Mules will freshen it up! And what if you want to wear a flat slipper-like shoe that doesn't actually look like a slipper? In mules, you'll feel like you're wearing gardening slides all day—but look like Marie Antoinette.

What's more, once you've built a solid mule collection, you'll have all this free time that you used to spend tying laces and adjusting buckles. Use it wisely, and save some spare moments to order another style from the slideshow above, containing my 17 favorite mules available online right now. With a wide variety that includes platform pumps, kitten heels, flats and more, you're sure to find more than just one pair worth adding to your wardrobe. Click through to shop my picks now!


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