Celeb Stylist Nicole Chavez On How The O.C. Changed Her Life And How She Fights Shyness With Fashion

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We've already waxed poetic about the indelible impact The O.C. had on our adolescence—and yesterday morning at an event for T.J.Maxx, we got a chance to chat with celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez, who cut her teeth in the zeitgeisty show's wardrobe department. It was on the set of The O.C., in fact, that she befriended Rachel Bilson, her first A-list client. The pair still work together to this day—and currently, Chavez's roster includes Kristen Bell, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Katherine Heigl as well.

But that's not the only lasting relationship the stylist made while dressing the cool kids of Newport Beach. "I met my husband on that show!" she laughed. "He represented one of the actors on the show, and we met at the wrap party." (For those wondering, the talent agent in question is Kevin Volchok, who reps Adam Brody—and yes, the show's blonde bad boy, played by Cam Gigandet in Seasons Three and Four, was named after him). "I have a very soft spot for that show, obviously," Chavez continued. "It was such a fun experience, and at the time, that show was just so new and fresh. I loved being part of something so influential."

Another fun experience Chavez had recently? Being analyzed by Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, a clinical psychologist who studies why women dress the way they do. In conjunction with T.J.Maxx, she's developed a style quiz that sorts participants into one of six different style categories: Free-Styler, Trend Trailblazer, Closet Chameleon, Devoted Dresser, Show Stopper or Systematic Stylist. "When Dr. B came to LA, I was her first patient," Chavez told me. "She analyzed how I shop and organize my closet and determined I was a Show Stopper—which wasn't any big shock, I mean, I kind of had a feeling! But it soon became obvious that I use statement pieces as ice breakers. I'm pretty shy, so I've always used fashion as my way of connecting with people." Seems like she's doing a bang-up job so far!

Want to take Dr. B's style profile quiz? Click here!


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