NYFW Spring 2014: The Perfect Tuck at Organic by John Patrick

Executive Fashion Director

The happiest way to kick off fashion week is by attending the Organic by John Patrick show—especially the one I just came from. The ease in the shapes and colors—pinks and blues mixed with sandy colors, flat handmade leather sandals made for peaceful strolls and the effortless unstucked-ness of the styling—made me feel so fussy in what I was wearing that I wanted to go home and change my clothes!

There was one look—a tissue tee and shorts, with the tee so artfully tucked in—that I particularly loved. It could only have happened in one of two ways: either some talented stylist spent hours meddling with the tee, pulling it out just a tad more here and there, or a very talented stylist grabbed at just the right spot and made the perfect tuck in less than a second. I had never really seen anything like it. In the history of tucks, this should go down as one of the most inspiring—if one should say such a thing about a tuck.

I told John afterwards how much I loved the soft, sculptural pieces. Pointing out a blue cotton gown lined in simple silk, he explained his inspiration: "I wanted to create a new sense of freedom for myself to go on an adventure. It was all about freedom—freedom to dream."

Well, I'd like to go wherever he is going, and I'll be wearing that dreamy blue cotton gown!


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