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"Flared skirts and nipped-waist dresses are pretty much all I own, so there's absolutely no question where I stand. The extreme A-line silhouette makes your midsection look teeny-tiny and is the perfect foil for any curves you'd rather cover down below. And then, of course, there's the movement factor—circle skirts were basically made for dancing and spinning in!" -Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"Flare skirts all the way. They are super flattering on every body shape, cinching at the waist and hiding the hips… and I love that I can feel comfortable wearing them without worrying about how tight they are. I'm about to buy this Miss Wu skirt for the fall, so excited!" -Stephanie Kornblum, Public Relations Coordinator

"I love a pencil! It's sleek and flattering, even though I'm, ahem, a little curvy. I just got this one from J.Crew and am kind of obsessed with it. Those pockets!" -Janya Maleri, Features Writer
"I love the ease and sophistication of a pencil skirt. It's fun to take one out of corporate territory and wear it in unexpected ways—like with a chunky turtleneck and statement booties or with a tucked-in tee and a beanie." - Jenna Gottlieb, senior fashion writer
"I'm into fluttery, flared, midi-length skirts. They feel really romantic and fun to me, whereas a pencil skirt makes me feel like an extra on Mad Men—in a bad way. Asos has the best (and most affordable) swingy skirts out there." -Laurel Pantin, Market Editor
"Pencil skirts. For the simple reason that I don't need any extra volume around the backside. Every time I try on a flare, my husband says, 'Why do women wear these skirts that make them look bigger than they are?' He may have a point." -Laura Morgan, Special Projects Editor
"I much prefer flare skirts because they make your legs look thinner, accentuate your waist, and overall, I think they're sort of whimsical, and you can twirl around in them and go wheeee!" -Maura Lynch, Senior Beauty Editor
"I have a new found love for them since we have been working with Carlyne Cerf who loves a pencil skirt. She will pair a pencil with a Wolford body suit or a solid, fitted turtle neck and you are instantly chic and sexy. Per Carlyne's suggestion, I recently bought this skirt in navy and grey!" -Alexis Bryan Morgan, Executive Fashion Director
"Pencil Skirts. It's getting colder out. They fit closer to your body, containing heat, making you hotter on those chilly evenings." - Lance Weiss, Researcher, The Dude's Perspective