23 Pointy-Toe Flats to Sharpen Your Shoe Game

Digital Fashion Writer

We love a round-toe ballet flat, enough such that our editors even organized a gauntlet of the best places to buy them. Since they bubbled back into favor six or seven years ago—you know, when ballet flats were suddenly "cool" instead of just ho-hum classic—they've become indispensable wardrobe staples, sorta like simple blue jeans or a clean black blazer. Which means, of course, we can cue the inevitable I-see-them-everywhere-and-want-something-slightly-different effect, which is happening right about now.

It's not that we're over round-toe flats—like, not at all— it's just that they're defaults for so many people, making us itch, sometimes, for a flat shoe that's more surprising. Like these pointy-toed versions above: from basic black slip-ons to printed loafers, their shape makes them feel less familiar and a little more fashion-y. With full, flouncy skirts, with cropped jeans, with whatever, they'll add sleekness and sharpness that's especially crucial considering they're flats, allowing you to be comfy without killing the crispness of your outfit. Click through above to see them all, in every style we could think of: studded, printed, work-friendly black, lace-up metallic gold and black ponyhair oxfords (my favorite).


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