NYFW Spring 2014: Rodarte Channels That Particular LA Sort Of Girl

Wild At Rodarte

There's a shopping scene in the great film Bachelor Party, where the girls are all rocking out so furiously to the wild 80s music in the boutique full of actual-80s fabulousness that all persons must watch at least once. Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte know that particular LA sort of girl—is she actually wild? Or does she just dress that way? There's a mystery to those girls as they drive away in their cars to god knows where—and the show this morning was a sexy, sophisticated take on them. With a little Casino thrown in. There were great short cowboy boot/oxford combo shoes,  fringe (I especially liked the white fringe over a white satin skirt), a great silk plaid shirt (buttoned only at the top, over a tiny midriff-baring strip of something), and dashes of leopard print. Strong, sexy, cool, cool cool.

instagram via @nordstrom


Our Executive Beauty Director Jean Godfrey-June reports from the runway and behind-the-scenes of the Spring 2014 Rodarte show.


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