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Wild At Rodarte
There's a shopping scene in the great film Bachelor Party, where the girls are all rocking out so furiously to the wild 80s music in the boutique full of actual-80s fabulousness that all persons must watch at least once. Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte know that particular LA sort of girl—is she actually wild? Or does she just dress that way? There's a mystery to those girls as they drive away in their cars to god knows where—and the show this morning was a sexy, sophisticated take on them. With a little Casino thrown in. There were great short cowboy boot/oxford combo shoes,  fringe (I especially liked the white fringe over a white satin skirt), a great silk plaid shirt (buttoned only at the top, over a tiny midriff-baring strip of something), and dashes of leopard print. Strong, sexy, cool, cool cool.
Best Nails Ever!
They wouldn't let me in to the backstage at Rodarte—and then, somehow, they relented. Inside was nothing but fabulousness: TORTISESHELL NAILS!!! (why has no one thought of this before??) Manicurist Tracy Lee took two Sally Hansen browns and makeup-sponged them onto nails—so easy! I am totally going to do it—then lacquered on two layers of super-shiny topcoat. HEAVEN.
Prettiest AND Coolest Hair
The brilliant brilliant Odile Gilbert somehow wove zebra-patterned extensions into the elaborate front-swoop/back chignon (this is not an easy DIY look) that referenced the 80s, but, as she pointed out, never actually existed in the 80s. "This is modern," she said, wielding a giant bottle of John Freida hairspray. She said she created the swoopy, voluminous, face-framing part of the look with a lot of mousse (again, John Freida); she did not attempt to explain you to do zebra-printed extensions except to say that she blew everything dry, wound the back in a knot and added the glamorous extensions. I'm in awe.
NARS Makeup Is Ruling Spring
There are three matte Multiple sticks coming for spring from Nars that we ALL need. They warmed up the etheral, natural look the brilliant makeup artist Diane Kendall did at Thakoon, and today at Rodarte, I saw just how versatile they are when makeup genius James Kalliardos made all the pale, tired models look instantly gleamy and tough and Californian with a bit of rose here, a touch of brown there. He did thick, sharp eyeliner that for me is where to go from the steady diet of smoky we've been having. He did a big spot of concealer on the inner corners of the eyes—"you know, so they'd look like, some wild LA girl"— that turned out so beautifully on the runway you just kind of have to watch and learn.