Six Ways To Stretch A Summer Wardrobe Through Fall

1. Layer a button-less blazer over your fit-and-flare sundresses.

With the simple addition of a waist-length jacket, Rachel Bilson has turned her casual summer outfit into a legitimate early-fall look. This trick won't work with all blazers, though; the secret is to pick one that hits at the hip bone and doesn't have buttons. That provides just enough contrast without being too miss-matched.

Film Magic

Digital Writer

Between Memorial and Labor day, I'm constantly digging through my laundry for the least dirty white T-shirt and pair of cutoffs available, despite the endless outfit alternatives hanging untouched in my closet. There's new silk culottes, slip dresses, maxi skirts and more, all purchased in an overzealous early spring shopping spree, when 90 degree temperatures sound like the awesomest thing in the world. Of course, once the thermostat bumps up, all I want to on my body is DIY denim shorts and a breezy cotton top.

Really, it's not until the season shift in September that I'll begin to wear what I originally intended for June, July and August, because that's when the weather allows me to layer. With easy, more autumnal add-ons, like a blazer or cropped sweater, I'm usually able to keep my warm weather wardrobe out of storage until Halloween. If you've neglected some of your summer stuff for the last few months, or just want to wear your favorite pieces a little bit longer, I'm sharing my six go-to tips in the slideshow above. And, for extra inspiration, I've illustrated each with a celebrity street style shot to show you excatly how it's done, along with a shoppable version of each stars' look. Click through to master the art of transitional dressing now!


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