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1. Layer a button-less blazer over your fit-and-flare sundresses.
With the simple addition of a waist-length jacket, Rachel Bilson has turned her casual summer outfit into a legitimate early-fall look. This trick won't work with all blazers, though; the secret is to pick one that hits at the hip bone and doesn't have buttons. That provides just enough contrast without being too miss-matched.
2. Mix shrunken knits and maxi skirts.
While Jessica Alba's ladylike ensemble might seem intimidatingly fancy here, the formula's quite simple: simply use a fitted sweater that hits at the waistline for a polished fall look.
3. Button-downs and booties work with most any short skirt (or skort!).
Whether you leave it long and loose like Kate Bosworth, or tuck it part-way in, a button-up shirt will update your mini for fall. Just be sure to swap out your sandals for booties, too!
4. Balance a boho top with fatigues.
You might get away with cutoffs like Alexa Chung here on the warmest of Indian summer days, but otherwise I suggest mixing this combo with distressed skinny jeans. Along with the army jacket, it'll stop your shirt from looking like a Coachella leftover (even if that's what it is).
5. Throw a fur over your jumpsuit.
While a sleeveless lace jumpsuit alone just screams mid-summer cocktail party, the way Diane Kruger's topped it with a leopard fur chubby has an It-Girl irreverence I love. I say it's a worthy (and party-ready!) look year round.
6. Mix in all the texture you can.
Between her shimmer-y top layer and metallic accessories, Olivia Palmero has managed to make these lightweight pastel shorts a lot more autumnal. The feminine sneakers help, too, since beat up Chucks would seem too summer vacation.