7 Layering Tricks to Steal From the Street Style Stars

The Short Sleeve Sleeve Sweater & Long Sleeve Shirt Combo

Points For: Versatility

Why: The shirt underneath would still hold up in Cool Outfit Court without the boxy sweater, too. It's all about the way the long hem and oversize dimensions play against those skinny jeans.

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Digital Fashion Writer

It's rough to be a street style star during fashion week. Is my Mickey Mouse sweatshirt ironic enough against my $4,000 Chloé leather skirt? What if my perfectly coordinated nail art & iPhone case don't tempt Tommy Ton's lense? These are MAJOR QUESTIONS to ask yourself, ones that turn getting dressed into a tangled process. Plus, you've not only got to look hold-the-phone amazing, but you also have to look that way for the day's range of temperatures and occasions, without changing outfits every three hours, Lindsay Lohan style, which a definite faux pas

Basically, all that means you've gotta layer and you've gotta do it well, like these girls in the slideshow above. They either bend the rules of "normal" layering to create one look that actually stands out, or they cobble separates together so smartly that they break down into two different outfits that are each pretty awesome (it's like having a Plan A outfit and another Plan A outfit). Either way, they've got the layering thing figured out, and we're into it. Click through above to see their looks and shop their tricks.


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