GIRLS' Zosia Mamet Always Chooses Flats, Promises Fans A 'Crackcident'-Free Season Three

Senior Digital Editor


When I rushed over to chat with Zosia Mamet at the Honor show yesterday afternoon, I didn't start our convo by rattling off a laundry list of reasons why her GIRLS alter ego, Shoshanna, is the character I most identify with on the series—tempted as I was. Rather, I began by complimenting her shoes: the pointy-toed, two-toned flats Tabitha Simmons created for Honor that I nearly Instagrammed to death last fashion week. "I have them in blue, too!" she exclaimed. "I always choose flats over heels."

Seems the young actress will be needing several pairs of reliably comfy shoes in the near future; she'll be hitting up a number of shows this week, including Rebecca Minkoff, Prabal Gurung and...a few menswear collections? "I'm taking my boyfriend to see some dudes," she explained. "He wants to see some guy shows!"

Today, production wraps on GIRLS' upcoming third season—and Mamet says that we can expect Shosh to evolve in a major way in future episodes. In case you were wondering, that means there will be no more pantsless "crackcidents" ("She's off the crack!" Mamet laughed). One thing we hope remains firmly intact? Shoshanna's predilection for kooky hairstyles, like doughnut-style buns and crimped pigtails. Asked if she'd ever sported a weird cut or style in real life, Mamet said, "I let my dad cut my bangs once, when I was five—and he cut them at this weird diagonal angle. I mean, I guess it was innovative?"

When it comes to the show's many makeouts and breakups, however, it seems that same romantic drama definitely doesn't exist offscreen. "We were all joking around at our wrap party, and this one guy was like, 'Who do you think's gonna hook up?'" Mamet said. "And we were like, 'Nobody! We've all seen each other in our underwear a million times!'"


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