15 Plus Size Statement Sweaters to Take You Straight Through Spring!


To cope with transitional weather (freezing nights, weirdly warm days, inconsistent office a/c), transitional clothing is a must. It's not quite cold enough for a winter jacket but too chilly to go without. Inspired by last week's story "7 Sweaters to Take You Straight Through Spring", I decided to make a plus size list of my own. Adding light sweater layers during this time can get you through to the harsh winter colds and can be staples easily revisited during spring. These pullover sweaters look great worn slouchy and paired with a bold pant like I did, paired with an embellished collar, or thrown over a tee. Thankfully, my favorite plus size brands have been offering a wide range of knit options from basic sweaters to printed crew necks. Click through to shop some of my favorites!

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