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At left, Jenna's prized selfie with Alexa Chung. Click through for the rest of their Q&A!
Lucky: Why did you decide to write a book?
Alexa Chung: I literally wrote a book for fun. It wasn’t a money-making scheme or part of a bigger plan. I feel like everyone wants to write a book, don’t they? When I wrote it, I didn’t think about anyone else reading it…and then they did! The photos are all ones I’ve taken—other than the ones that say David Bailey or Juergen Teller.

Your list of style icons is amazing. Can we talk about your love of Wednesday Addams?

She’s the best dressed—hers is just the best look ever, and people are still making that dress every season. A girly dress is a perennial classic. Especially with some flats.

I was excited to learn about your love of dinosaurs!

It’s weird. And I also love stars and planets. I’m a seven-year-old boy.

So, full disclosure—I want to raid your closet. Is there anyone’s closet you dream of raiding?

I’d like to raid the closet of Princess Margaret as a child. Or princess Anne—was she the cooler one? They had their little peacoats and little Mary Janes. That’s very me.

Any designers you’re really loving right now?

I thought Christopher Kane’s show was amazing. He’s so clever. With Christopher, what strikes me is how he’s capable of designing new outlandish things that are also hip. There was that kind of spray-painted, iridescent section of the show that came by and I was like, oh, I don’t know about that. But I know from experience of seeing his shows that those pieces will go on to be my favorite things.

What’s your go-to, no-fail outfit?

A Breton top, dungarees and Converse. Or a navy blue jumper, skinny jeans and Chelsea boots.

Any recent purchases you’re really excited about?

A screen-printed Elvis dress by London designer Ashley Williams. She’s a friend of mine and really talented.

That’s the coolest. I love Elvis.

Me too! I was so upset when I found out he died. My mom didn’t tell me until l was seven.

Is there anything you’d never, ever wear?

Three berets all at once. It’s never going to happen. Unless I wear two of them as shoes.

On her Marc Jacobs look from the 2012 Met Gala: "Now, it’s more prevalent that people will layer a shirt under a dress, but then it was something fresh."
On the draped-hem Christopher Kane number she recently wore in London: "They wrote in the newspaper that my hem was falling apart, but that was the point. What I love about Christopher is that he takes something proper and then deconstructs it. There’s always something sick about his clothing."
On this Henry Holland moto-and-skirt combo: "I was trying to wear Henry Holland because I was going to his party. The skirt is his. I wanted to represent the designer, but make it look like me."
On leopard in general: "I think leopard is the navy blue of the animal kingdom."