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Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor: Her Style
“I always joke that when I was younger, I would put on as many different articles of clothing and accessories as possible—like 15 necklaces and earrings and bracelets at one time. I looked like a total crazy person. It was fun, but now I think I have a more refined sense of…well, dressing like a crazy person!”
Her Playlist
“If I can get away with playing some ‘90s hip-hop, I always do, but usually I stick to older alternative stuff. Some great go-tos I like to play would be ‘Liar Liar’ by The Castaways, ‘Too Drunk to F*ck’ by Nouvelle Vague, ‘Strange Overtones’ by David Byrne and Brian Eno, ‘Trick Pony’ by Charlotte Gainsbourg, ‘Forget It’ by Blood Orange and ‘I’d Rather be with You’ by Bootsy Collins.”
Her Makeup
“To give my cheeks a bit of a dewy look, I dab on NARS’ Illuminator in Copacabana. For my eyes, I like a wash of NARS’ The Multiple in Malibu, or Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk, a cool plummy bronze. And I really love Givenchy’s Noir Couture mascara in Black Satin—the brush is incredible.”
Her Skincare
“I usually wash my face every morning and every night with a cleanser by Murad. Unfortunately my skin is very sensitive to travel and different cosmetics, but their cleanser's got a bit of an extra kick to help counteract that. I also use their clarifying mask every couple days, depending on how my skin is looking.”
Her Hair Products
“I like things to look pretty natural, so I’ve only recently started messing around with hair products. I’m a big fan of the Hamadi Organics line; their shea leave-in spray is a great product. I just spray a bit through my hair, and ta-da! I’m also a big fan of Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray. I love the texture it gives me.”
Her Jewelry
“I feel like right now I’m sort of in this minimalist phase when it comes to jewelry and accessories. I just put on a few rings and a necklace or two, and most are by Jennifer Meyer. I’m a huge fan!”
Her Diet and Workout Routine
"Being a model, I of course have to watch what I eat, but I’m lucky that I really enjoy healthy food. I try to avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates and stick to big yummy salads and lean proteins instead. And when I have time I usually train two to three times a week. I do a lot of boxing and jump rope—all sorts of things."