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Spring 2014
"Yesterday's show was amazing because it showed the greatest hits from all of Marc's shows—it was a great mash-up moment. I was so happy to see the carousel and the hotel rooms. It was a beautifully dark, dystopian fairytale ending to his beautiful run at Vuitton." - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief
Spring 2012
"Horses and Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette are two of my absolute favorite things in the world—and both of them came together (well, kind of) at this show. Models rode in on a white-painted merry-go-round and wore the most beautiful macaron-colored lace dresses I'd ever laid eyes on, many accented with feathers and floral embroidery . The clothes looked almost too delicious to wear—but if I were lucky enough to acquire a piece for myself, I'm sure I'd manage." - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
Fall 2012
"Fall 2012—the collection where the train pulled in with the models on board! It was amazing—no one knew what to expect and everyone in the audience was in total awe. The models walked off the train one by one with their porters in hand—it was the epitome of glamour!! The coats, the bags—there was so much to look at and love. It was unforgettable." - Anne Keane, fashion director
Spring 2007
"Spring 2007 was so, so beautiful and girly, but still super kooky and cool. Look 40 kills me! Plus, the glitter eye makeup will forever serve as my beauty ideal." - Lauren Pantin, market editor
Fall 2013
"F/W 2013!!!!! The slips, the coats, the wigs, the pajamas, the dark-red lips…one of my favorite shows ever in the world. It was so feminine and Old Hollywood yet uncartoon-ily sexy. I wanted everything. EV-REE-THING." - Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director
Fall 2012
"THE TRAIN!!!!!!! It was the most unbelievable fashion show I have ever been to—and I've been attending shows for 13 years. It was such an epic, unreal moment to see a full-size train pull into the venue with the most perfectly lit stunning models inside, and the clothes, bags and luggage were just incredible. I don't know anyone in the world who sat at that show who wasn't just completely and utterly blown away." - Julia Kalachnikoff, accessories director
Spring 2012
"The Spring 2012 show was like an insane, magical Candy Land dream. The frothy milkshake colors, the gorgeous eyelet…the carousel. And then Kate in that perfect babydoll feathery white dress. Pure heaven." - Jenna Gottlieb, senior fashion writer
Spring 2008
"It's so hard to choose! One of my favorites has to be Spring 2008: The way he translated Richard Prince's iconic nurse portraits into wearable, desirable, luxury fashion is proof of why Jacobs is a genius." - Hayley Phelan, fashion features editor
Spring 2012
"I guess I'm way girlier than I thought because Spring 2012 was one of my favorite collections from anybody, anywhere, ever." - Laurel Pantin, market editor
Spring 2013
"I loved the escalators! It was such a fun, bright, happy collection—but I also liked it because it was very efficient. The girls came out in twos, so the show was over in 12 minutes—maybe even less than 12 minutes! Marc always created such an amazing, full 360-degree experience that really immersed people in the world of Vuitton." - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief
Fall 2010
"Vuitton's Fall 2012 collection was like a wearable love letter to women everywhere. Marc cast girls famed for their curves—Lara Stone, Catherine McNeil and Elle Macpherson, to name just a few—and dressed them in the most incredible nipped-waist, Mad-Men-gone-Parisian looks ever. As someone 100 percent committed to the full skirt, I wanted to wear every single look. Seriously." - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
Fall 2012
"A/W 2012! With those giant rumpled hats! I'm a sucker for anything oversized, and this one had it all—huge buttons, wide lapels, boxy skirts in big prints—it was basically my perfect party wardrobe." - Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer
Fall 2013
"I also loved Fall 2013! The satin, knits, fur, feathers…swoon!" - Laurel Pantin, market editor