25 Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Halloween Costumes You Need To See To Believe

TODAY's take on the Royal Wedding: Al Roker as Prince Harry, Meredith Vieira as Queen Elizabeth II, Matt Lauer as Prince William and Ann Curry as Kate Middleton.

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On Halloween, celebrities typically go one of two ways: either they play it safe and protect their image by passing off a lone mask or perhaps a silly hat as a "costume," or they go all-out with a spectacularly over-the-top getup that exemplifies just why they got into the entertainment business to begin with. The 25 daring stars above, as you might've guess, fall squarely into the latter category. From Kim Kardashian's verdant ode to Poison Ivy to Alexa Chung's dark transformation into Marie Antoinette to, well, pretty much every costume Heidi Klum's ever worn to her infamous Halloween fête, these women (and girls—keep your eyes peeled for a wee Dakota and Elle Fanning!) weren't afraid to slap on the face paint, pop on a wig and get majorly into character. Click through to see 25 of our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes of all time.


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