Chloe Moretz's Style Evolution: From Child Star To Designer Darling

To be fair, the bohemian look was pretty big back in '06. But head-to-toe brown rarely looks good on anyone, even when you're the world's most photogenic kidlet


Senior Digital Editor

Today, Carrie opens nationwide—and it's kind of hard to believe that the girl anchoring the big-budget Stephen King-based remake is just 16 years old. Chloe Grace Moretz made her first big-screen appearance in 2005's The Amityville Horror—and over the near-decade since, she's gone on to star in such films as (500) Days of Summer, Kick-Ass, Hugo and Dark Shadows.

As she's grown up in the public eye, the young star has also developed an incredible eye for fashion; today, she regularly supports designers like Kenzo and Carven on the red carpet while mixing in the occasional ultra-luxe look from Chanel or Valentino.

Click through above to see the full evolution of Chloe Moretz's style. And let us know: will you be seeing Carrie this weekend?


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