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The Leather-Sleeved Sweater Dress
Wear it for drinks somewhere cool.
The Kicky-Skirted Sweater Dress
Feel cozy and look girly at the same time.
The Crazy Printed Sweater Dress
It's kind of crazy that dresses this cool can be so, so comfortable, too.
The Detailed Sweater Dress
Same horizontal pocket detail, two very different-lookingdresses. (But we like both.)
The Statement Sweater Dress
Seriously stunning.
The Metallic Sweater Dress
Buy it now and rest assured you have your default holiday party outfit taken care of in October.
The Turtleneck Sweater Dress
The trick is the buy them a little on the looser side, so they hang in this nonchalant, cool girl way.
The Striped Sweater Dress
Foolproof weekend outfit.
The Short-Sleeved Sweater Dress
Short sleeves are sort of unexpected on a sweater dress, which makes ones like this look even fresher.
The Work Sweater Dress
Pick one with colorblocking or some subtle paneling and it'll be a cut above you basic sweater dress: interesting, but still safe enough to wear to work.
The Embellished Sweater Dress
No necklace necessary, which is sort of amazing on running-late-to-dinner evenings.
The Classic Print Sweater Dress
Branch out into a print without going too too crazy.
The Cool Fabric Sweater Dress
It's got a sporty element to it that we really love.
The Dream Sweater Dress
The Colorblocked Sweater Dress
Ahh, the optical illusion of looking like you cobbled together a complicated outfit, when really all you did was just throw one piece over your head.