Dear Lucky: 'What Should One Wear To A Blogging Conference?'


Q What should one wear to 
a blogging conference—say, Lucky FABB—in the fall? Trends? Classics? 

A Dear @akastylemyway,
“It’s a professional situation—you’re networking, learning ways to build your business, making connections to take your career to the next level—so think job interview but with a twist,” says executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan. “Blogger style has become a look all its own—topknots, clashing patterns and colors, stripes and more stripes—so just ‘dressing like a blogger’ won’t make you stand out. You really have to think about what you love to wear and what your style is.”

Bloggers Alexis thinks are particularly true to their own personal style(s): Candice Lake, Lily Kwong, Tamu McPherson, Hanneli Mustaparta. And a non-blogger she thinks is particularly true to her own personal style: Kate Bosworth.

Personally, I like to think in terms of Me-Drag: What would someone wear if they were dressing up as you? My Me-Drag involves a cardigan, a cute T-shirt and a pleated skirt—something that will probably never get me photographed at a blogger conference. But then: I’m not a blogger!

Bloggers Candice Lake and Lily Kwong nail the crisp-yet-creative look.


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