Dear Lucky: 'How Do I Wear Socks With Ankle Boots?'


Q Socks with ankle boots. How to make this work? —Christina

A Dear Christina,
Accessories editor Melissa Lum smiled kindly—almost pityingly—at this question. “The short answer is you need to have really cute legs if you want to wear ankle boots—ankle boots with socks are even harder,” she said. The problem is, they cut your leg off at its slimmest portion—so any leg, no matter how lithe, looks a little chunkier and stubbier. The shorter the ankle boot–sock combination, the more flattering it is. “So pick trouser-length socks, which cover up the least amount of leg,” said Melissa. “Nothing long; you definitely don’t want them to scrunch at all … ” She scrunched her nose at the thought of scrunching. “Up to your calf is just—impossible, unless you have the greatest legs ever.”

Melissa paused. “Maybe in an argyle or a cashmere stripe? It’s a cute look: Think cute.”

Wear your socks short to keep your legs long for the ankle boot.


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