Nine Pairs of Next-Level Denim Inspired by Our Favorite French Girls

The French Girl: Caroline de Maigret, Model

The Jean: A wide-leg cut that feels more like a proper trouser or dress pant, so it's ideal for nailing a more polished white jeans outfit. (Plus, the continuous, to-the-floor hem makes legs look a zillion, trillion miles long.)

Photo via FilmMagic

Digital Fashion Writer

Lately, whenever I see a pair of very, very good jeans, they're on a French girl. I'm admittedly a total Francophile—so take it with a grain of salt if you want—but I think the Frenchies are killing us at our own game. As much as denim may be a stereotypically American 'thing,' the French are just awesome at it. Awesome. Click through above to see what I mean: from slightly eccentric cuts and washes to incredibly sharp tailoring, these jeans are cool enough to be head-turning but not, you know, trendy (how garish, how American). Naturally, I want them all.


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