Nine Pairs of Next-Level Denim Inspired by Our Favorite French Girls

The French Girl: Emmanuelle Alt, Vogue Paris Editor

The Jean: A narrow, cropped black jean, slung low around the waist and hitting several inches above the ankle. Take it to your tailor to make sure you've aced the fit, and it'll make everything else you wear look a few extra notches sharper. (Psst: Alt actually prefers this specific Topshop style, too.)

Photo via FilmMagic

Digital Fashion Writer

Lately, whenever I see a pair of very, very good jeans, they're on a French girl. I'm admittedly a total Francophile—so take it with a grain of salt if you want—but I think the Frenchies are killing us at our own game. As much as denim may be a stereotypically American 'thing,' the French are just awesome at it. Awesome. Click through above to see what I mean: from slightly eccentric cuts and washes to incredibly sharp tailoring, these jeans are cool enough to be head-turning but not, you know, trendy (how garish, how American). Naturally, I want them all.


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