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The French Girl: Marine Vacth, Actress
The Jean: A slightly off-kilter style: cropped with a straight leg, instead of the more common skinny one. Not only does it look a bit fresher, it's also flattering: the kick flare balances out wider hips and makes ankles look teensy in comparison.
The French Girl: Caroline de Maigret, Model
The Jean: A wide-leg cut that feels more like a proper trouser or dress pant, so it's ideal for nailing a more polished white jeans outfit. (Plus, the continuous, to-the-floor hem makes legs look a zillion, trillion miles long.)
The French Girl: Lou Doillon, Singer
The Jean: A ripped, been-through-several-road-trips pair that seems straight out of Kate Moss' 1994 closet. Tons of street cred.
The French Girl: Emmanuelle Alt, Vogue Paris Editor
The Jean: A narrow, cropped black jean, slung low around the waist and hitting several inches above the ankle. Take it to your tailor to make sure you've aced the fit, and it'll make everything else you wear look a few extra notches sharper. (Psst: Alt actually prefers this specific Topshop style, too.)
The French Girl: Victoria Cassagnaud, Fashion Editor for GQ France
The Jean: A slouchy boyfriend fit in a medium, cheery blue wash. Its casual fit makes it a bit of a head-turner without being too too much of a statement. (It's the perfect jean to stand up to a statement top without competing with it.)
The French Girl: Caroline de Maigret, Model
The Jean: A bootcut leg that almost feels a little early '00s-ish, back when people wore this style with pointy toe kitten heels, belly chains and crop tops. Pair it with timeless basics instead, and it'll be classic-looking and cool, like you're the first to boomerang the style back.
The French Girl: Marine Vacth, Actress
The Jean: A surprisingly bright color that hits the brakes before veering into trendy neon territory. It's a style that's fresh without being a flash in the pan.
The French Girl: Capucine Safyurtlu, Vogue Paris Market Editor
The Jean: A black jean that's got a gently faded wash and a leg that's somewhere between straight and wide. The cut's probably the coolest part: it'll stand out in a sea of skinny black jeans as the pair that has a little more swagger.
The French Girls: Geraldine Saglio, Vogue Paris stylist, and friend
The Jean: A slim white jean that hits a few inches above the ankle in order to show off a great shoe. The hem is the key part: these are statement-heels-wearing jeans.