Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel Trailer Makes Us Really Want A Purple Jacket

Senior Digital Editor

Yesterday, Wes Anderson released the first trailer for his upcoming movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, which lands in theaters on March 7—and we can't stop watching it on loop. The two-and-a-half-minute clip manages to pack in each and every one of Anderson's cinematic signatures, from incredible set design to slapstick action to a sense of kooky nostalgia.

And can we talk about the cast for a moment? All of the cult director's favorite players are back in action, from Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman to Adrien Brody and Edward Norton—along with Wes project newcomers Saoirse Ronan and Ralph Fiennes. Fiennes plays Gustave H, a concierge at a famous European hotel who befriends a lobby boy and becomes embroiled in a murder mystery. The victim of the crime in question? Tilda Swinton's octogenarian Madame D. While visiting her casket, Gustave offers up this little gem: "You're looking so well, darling, you really are. I don't know what sort of cream they put on you down at the morgue—but I want some." Amaze.

Five months feels like an impossibly long time to wait for Anderson's next movie, but we'll content ourselves with dressing like the main characters for the time being—in purple jackets, of course! Check out three of our current favorites below—but not before checking out the trailer itself, of course!

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