Eight Easy Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

Miley Cyrus in "Wrecking Ball"

You Will Need: White tank top (hacked off to crop top length if you're feeling gutsy!), teensy white athletic shorts, Doc Martens, red lipstick, black inflatable beach ball, roughly two feet of loose silver chain

Optional: Plaintive tears

How-To: Use duct tape to attach chain to beach ball. Swing (and sing) away!

Senior Digital Editor

It's no secret that the best Halloween costumes borrow from pop cultural phenomena—but in a year as utterly meme-tastic as 2013, which celebrities, movies, TV shows and viral video superstars are most worth masquerading as? To answer this question—and provide you, readers, with some stellar, simple ideas for this October 31, I came up with a short list of costume-ready ideas and shopped out each one. Whether you're more into Spring Breakers or Breaking Bad, Miley Cyrus or the world's least smiley cat, click through to learn how to create the perfect pop culture-inspired Halloween costume.


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