The 11 Best Moments From Lifetime's House Of Versace

While out shopping with her daughter Allegra, Gershon-as-Donatella ("Gershonatella?") catches a duo of uptight-looking ladies gawking at her boldly printed dress. "It's Versace, ladies," she quips. "Why don't you go by the store—your husbands will be happy." Get it, girl!

Senior Digital Editor

What were you doing last Saturday night at 8 pm EST? Well, if you weren't glued to your sofa taking in the world premiere of House of Versace, you can effectively consider your weekend a failure. Arguably the most quotable made-for-TV movie since Sharknado, Lifetime's over-the-top biopic about the life and times of Donatella Versace is delightfully campy, hysterically melodramatic—and, um, deemed "a work of fiction" by the real-life Versace brand. But never matter! If sheer entertainment is what you seek, the film delivers in spades.

Gina Gershon's pitch-perfect portrayal of the Italian fashion legend (and I do mean pitch-perfect: she's every bit as difficult to decipher as the platinum-haired designer herself) is packed with lines that need to be heard to be believed. And you can hear them tonight, when Lifetime airs an encore presentation of the movie at 8 pm EST! Should you choose not to dedicate an hour and a half of your life to this small-screen saga, however, simply click through above to experience 11 of HoV's most memorable bits.


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