How To Wear A Cape

Click through for five clever ways to wear a cape.

Photo Credit, L to R: Film Magic, FilmMagic, BuzzFoto

Digital Fashion Writer

There's a not small subset of people that have been wearing their outerwear in this odd new way—draping pea coats over their shoulders, abandoning the armholes of their trench coats—like they want things that are by definition not capes to be capes. So obviously it begs the question: why not just get a cape?

I guess the worry is that a cape is this dramatic, niche item that wouldn't mesh well with the other things already in your closet—but that's just not true! Capes are versatile and a breeze to style, as these girls prove. Click through above to see them all: five shining examples of how capes can easily integrate into your cold weather wardrobe, whether your planning a fancy cocktail party outfit or just a casual-but-cooler daytime one.


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