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1. Use a full spectrum of shades.
Full-on ebony and pumpkin are not the only versions of black and orange that exist, so be sure to keep a wide range of both colors in mind.
2. Focus on finding a simple orange dress.
With sleek black accessories, you'll have a minimalist look worth wearing year-round.
3. Go almost all-black.
Orange is the more eye-catching of the two colors, and easily veers into costume territory. To be safe, stick with one well-placed tangerine piece.
4. Thread in another neutral.
Grey, beige or white will break up the trick-or-treat vibe without competing for attention.
5. Build your look around a bold orange and black piece.
Don't have to time to actually follow my tips on slides one through four? Buying something with a striking orange and black print is a good shortcut to take.