Kanye West Talks Fashion, Celebrity and More Fashion On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Digital Writer

Poor Jimmy Kimmel. All he wanted to do was make nice with Kanye West by giving him a pair of mini leather jogging leggings for his daughter North West. The late night host probably thought they'd giggle about how teensy, cute and a little bit ridiculous baby biker pants are and then they'd move on, maybe make some small talk about Kim Kardashian and go home. Silly Jimmy, have you learned nothing from Kanye's Twitter rants?

Using the gift as a segue, the rapper began discussing the leather jogging leggings he made while interning at Fendi—which got shot down by some of the house's higher-ups—and then about how he's been studying fashion for years. Following that came something about how he's sort of like the Michael Jackson of designers, thoughts on how the world is no longer racist but classist and a comparison of smart phones to luxury handbags…I think? After awhile, it was hard to keep track of what he was actually ranting about. His diatribe went on for about 10 minutes straight (during which Jimmy got about three words in edgewise)—and that's not even including the first part of the interview, which also involved several long-winded musings (although those were more how celebrities are treated like "zoo animals," culture and how he's not a rapper but a "messenger," rather than the legitimacy of his fashion career).

I've included a few choice clips below, but if you have time for the full segment (and I mean it—you need a serious chunk of time for that), check it out on Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube channel.


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