Leather Skirts At Every Price

Under $50

Senior Digital Editor

On the list of things that are truly thrilling me right now, leather skirts are right up there with Lorde's new album and Orange Is the New Black. Though they began as a fleeting trend when they first started popping up on runways several years back, we now consider them to be bona fide closet classics. And if the idea of wearing calfskin on your lower half makes you erupt in stress hives, fear not! One of the best things about the leather skirt is the fact that it comes in myriad versions: body-conscious, A-line, moto-style, midi length and so on.

Another great thing about this buttery-soft basic (and, yes, it is arguably a basic at this point)? It's available at every possible price point. For proof, click through the slideshow above, where I've gathered some of my favorite leather skirts for under $50, over $1,000 and everywhere in between.


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