It's Fall, So Let's All Dress Like Ali MacGraw In Love Story

The Camel Trench Coat

You need a self-belted camel topper like MacGraw's in your life, stat.

Everett Collection

Senior Digital Editor

The 1970 romantic drama Love Story, arguably one of the most tear-jerking and tragic films of the last century, tells the tale of two star-crossed student lovers who hail from extremely different backgrounds. Oliver Barrett IV (Ryan O'Neal), a wealthy Harvard jock, falls head over heels for quippy (though squarely middle-class—gasp!) Radcliffe College coed Jennifer Cavalleri (Ali MacGraw). The two eventually marry—against the wishes of Oliver's father, of course—and without the Barrett family's financial support, the couple soon fall upon hard times. When terminal illness enters the picture, their situation grows even more dire—and to reveal any more, if you haven't yet seen the movie, would spoil one of the most heartbreaking cinematic finales ever.

Of course, despite her doomed situation, MacGraw's Jenny Cavalleri is one seriously stylish screen heroine. Favoring collegiate classics like pleated skirts, camel coats and textbook-friendly duffle bags, she's one of my perennial sources of fall fashion inspiration—who doesn't want to bundle up in sleek, minimalist outerwear the second the mercury starts to drop? To wit, I've rounded up some of her best style moments in the slideshow above—shopped out, of course—for your purchasing pleasure.


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