Miley Cyrus Teams Up With Her 'Wrecking Ball' Director Terry Richardson For Her Raciest Photoshoot Yet

Senior Digital Editor

via Terry's Diary

Fact: Miley Cyrus' latest photoshoot is so scandalous, the photo at left is pretty much the only one we felt comfortable posting on this site. Yep, the fast-twerking singer and envelope-pushing Instagrammer is at it again—and this time, she's teamed up with Terry Richardson, the photographer who directed her "Wrecking Ball" video (186 million views and counting, people!), on some pretty jaw-dropping images for Terry's Diary.

The racy shoot sees Miley suggestively eating soft serve, lounging around a hotel room topless in sheer lace tights, modeling skintight leather pants with a see-through sweater (sensing a theme here yet?), smoking and—the real kicker—striking poses in a thong-bottomed leotard. Oh, and she also does some truly strange things with a can of Arizona grapeade. Suffice it to say we'll never again look at that particular beverage in quite the same way.

While this isn't the first time the 20-year-old's been snapped while nearly nude—she's basically topless on the cover of this month's Rolling Stone—these images are a far cry from Vanity Fair's then-scandalous 2008 Annie Leibovitz shoot, in which Miley bared her back with some help from a rumpled bedsheet. And we're willing to wager that this won't be the last time we glimpse more of Miley than we bargained for. Tell us: do you think the singer (and Terry, of course) went too far with this particular shoot? Head over to Terry's Diary to peep all the images, if you dare, and then let us know in the comments!


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