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Click through for the most over-the-top gifts from Neiman Marcus' 2013 Christmas Book.
Bespoke Global Falconry Companion
Price: $150,000

What You Get: Two Chatwin chairs with canvas tote bags, folding table, leather perch scale, gold perch, decanter and cigar carrying case, backgammon board, hoods, two hood savers, glove, anklet, leashes and jesses, falcon hood stands

What You Don't: An actual falcon

Ideal For: Avian enthusiasts, Game of Thrones fans

Choice Catalogue Snippet: ""A prime locale has been found, and you and your fellow hunters set up camp. Gazing upon your portable case and matching custom trunk, you marvel at the 20-karat gold-plated perch, hand-carved stands, leather perch scale, and hand-sewn glove, anklet, and exotic-skin hoods by Ken Hooke, the world's preeminent falconry hood maker [Editor's note: Can we please set up a deskside with Mr. Hooke ASAP?!]. A day in the countryside has never been so luxuriously appointed!"


The Glass House Experience
Price: $30,000

What You Get: An overnight stay (with a plus one!) in the New Canaan, Connecticut, weekend residence of world-renowned architect and art patron, Philip Johnson—including a private dinner party for up to 10 friends

Ideal For: Art aficionados, architecture admirers

Choice Catalogue Snippet: "The meal comes to a close, you bid adieu to your guests, and retire to the bedroom with a perfect view of the surrounding forest and the manifestation of Philip Johnson's most beautiful dream."

Indian Larry's Wild Child Motorcycle
Price: $750,000

What You Get: The most iconic bike ever made by master motorcycle fabricator Indian Larry

What You Don't: A helmet—but are you even supposed to ride this?

Ideal For: Hardcore chopper shoppers

Choice Catalogue Snippet: "In 2003, Larry rode 'Wild Child' from St. Louis, Missouri, to Sturgis, South Dakota, where Larry's bike was named the winner of the Build-Off, one of three unprecedented consecutive wins for the chopper enthusiast. Upon learning of his triumph, Indian Larry famously declared, 'There are no winners! There are no losers!'"

Forevermark Ultimate Diamond Experience
Price: $1,850,000

What You Get: Trip to the De Beers headquarters in London, 25-carat rough Forevermark diamond, private tour of The Crown Jewels, dinner with De Beers CEO Philippe Mellier and Forevermark CEO Stephen Lussier in the Tower of London, boat trip off the Namibian coast (to see where your diamond was discovered), visit to rough-diamond sorting houses and a children's community project (where the local population benefits from Forevermark's responsible sourcing of diamonds), meeting with New York jewelry designer Maria Canale to design a ring featuring your diamond

What You Don't: A complimentary fiancé?

Ideal For: The woman who has everything (and I do mean everything)

Choice Catalogue Snippet: "Every extraordinary gem has a history, but rare is the opportunity to trace its provenance. As the owner of this 25-carat rough Forevermark diamond, you'll travel deep into the heart of Africa to discover where your stone began its journey more than one billion years ago."

Jeff Koons's Dom Pérignon Balloon Venus
Price: $20,000

What You Get: Mirrored sculpture modeled after Jeff Koons's original art piece, Balloon Venus

What You Don't: A bottle of Dom Pérignon, oddly

Ideal For: That special gallerina (or gallerino!) in your life

Choice Catalogue Snippet: "Resting on its perch, the bright figurine is void of any facial expression. But, look closer at the mirrored surface, and you'll see your own broad smile reflecting back."

The Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment System
Price: $1,500,000

What You Get: One C SEED 201 outdoor (waterproof) TV with 201" screen, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, DirecTV® satellite and DVD management system, built-in movie package featuring up to 300 movies and concerts (The American Film Institute's 100 Most Thrilling American Films and 100 Greatest Love Stories, the remaining 100 are your choice), two Apple mini iPads to serve as the remotes, installation and programming

What You Don't: Two C SEED 78 CAT MBX giant outdoor loudspeakers—though an identical package including those is also available for $2,640,000!

Ideal For: The cinephile who finds standard-issue movie theaters confining

Choice Catalogue Snippet: "What will it be tonight? A four-course al fresco dinner with a side of jazz? Or, popcorn and a flick on the patio? A toss of a coin reveals it's movie night, but with over 300 films to choose from, you opt for a double feature of an apocalyptic drama followed by a tried-and-true tearjerker. As you marvel at this epic theater experience, you wonder how the two of you ever managed to enjoy at-home movies before now."

Price: $11,000

What You Get: The fanciest, most modern-looking exercise bicycle ever

What You Don't: Instant results (yep, you still have to work for those perfect legs)

Ideal For: That friend who just can't be bothered to make it to Equinox every morning

Choice Catalogue Snippet: "Sitting astride your cycle, you adjust the angle of the carbon-fiber handles, choose from one of 12 levels of resistance, engage the pedals, and ride, ride, ride your way to a fitter, healthier you."

Neiman Marcus 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante
Price: $344,500

What You Get: A limited-edition Aston Martin (one of only 10 in the world!) featuring a 100 percent carbon fiber shell, roughly 565 horsepower and 180-plus mph max speed—plus a matching four-piece bespoke leather luggage set

What You Don't: A James Bond-esque sense of stealth

Ideal For: 007 diehards, Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld

Choice Catalogue Snippet: "The forecast is promising. Perhaps a spontaneous trip to the shore is in order? You load the bespoke leather luggage into the trunk before sliding behind the wheel. With a turn of the ignition, the throaty engine roars to life. Like a certain secret agent, you have a penchant for these beautiful British automobiles—and a taste for adventure."